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BLOG BY BERISLAV SOKAČ: The wind is hard but we’re not stopping


Rain, rain, rain… and sudden blasts of wind…

But the weather did not stop us. Today we were a family. Today, the streets of Zagreb were a perfect location for our family reunion.

Today was an important day!

The Zagreb Marathon was the first race I ran wearing the Run Croatia T-shirt. Run Croatia is a company I founded with Sven and Blaž with an idea to increase popularity of running in Croatia.

I also broke my personal record set in Wien last year. A five minute difference! Wearing Jugo’s „Turbo“ water polo cap, I felt as though the turbocharger within was forcefully pushing me forward. While running, I felt liberated and joyful because of the new life challenge – Run Croatia! I did not expect this result since yesterday I ran 12 kilometres to Sljeme. I incorporated 10 one-minute sprints into the training session. Afterwards I felt as though my quads would burst. And today, traces of the intense training session on the mountain of Medvednica were all gone.

sokač zg maraton

I ran with a river of people, a river of runners. Many friends and familiar faces were among them. Some of the participants were running their first half-marathons and marathons. Today, in this wet and windy weather, we were all pushing ourselves beyond our personal limits, discovering new realms of personal strength and endurance, getting to know ourselves better, and in a different light. This is the beauty of this sport. In the end, race results, the moment one runs in, and the weather conditions cease to be important.

Yes, today in Zagreb, we were a big family made up of people determined to work on themselves to become better human beings; people that do not mind training hard, enduring blisters, and the hardship of such heavy training because they aim for a better future both for themselves, and the young ones. Nothing can match a feeling of living on the verge of what we perceive as our limits, and constantly discovering what awaits us beyond.

bero i blaž


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