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Brač Run 2018 – a pleasure on every kilometer!


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The cross race “Brač Run” from Selca to Sumartin, which takes place on June 16 for the second consecutive year on the island of Brač, offers runners a pleasure on every kilometer – from panoramic trails overlooking the sea, centuries-old olive groves, Dalmatian islands to the beautiful Biokovo.

The goal of the race is to enrich the island’s offer with a unique running experience and thus extend the season, and encourage the islanders to hang the tracks and run for the good thing, the organizers said.

The event will be held on 5 and 10 kilometers, and the Croatian Olympic and Mid-Range Champion Matea Matošević will participate in the race. Small runners can also take part in the Kids Run competition in Povlja on June 15th.PIC_0446

– We have embarked on a whole project with the desire to promote the tourist community of Selca as a destination for sport tourism. The first year of the race was demanding since this was the first project of this type in our area, but we knew how much potential we had and the project had to succeed. We are extremely pleased with the first “Brač Run” race, where over a hundred runners from Croatia and abroad participated. The impressions of the participants were very good, and the runners were thrilled with the beauty of the racetrack and the whole organization – said Nikolina Tonšić of the Tourist Board of Selca and added:

“All this gave us ” the wind in the back ” and we started with the enthusiasm of the Brač Run 2018. We decided to bring the whole event to a higher level, so this year, except for the 5 racing and the 10 km race, so we wanted to attract more professional runners.’

Tonšić emphasized that one of the goals of the organization is to enrich the tourist offer of the pre-season destination and to encourage more tourist arrivals and overnight stays.

– That is why we have organized a series of entertainment and educational activities for all participants, apart from racing competitions as central events. – Tonšić concluded.

The race organizer is Run Croatia in cooperation with the Selca Tourist Board.

The island of Brač offers ideal opportunities for running all year round, so check out some of the best racing routes in Croatia!


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