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Bernays becomes the first RUN FRIENDLY university college – powered by Run Croatia


The project’s initiative started with Berislav Sokač and his team from Run Croatia. The goal is to involve students to participate in as many races as possible on a high standard level, and to volunteer in their organization.SM_5472507d-c663-4c14-bd27-a2a7cba8c5b3_bernays-visoka-skola-komunikace

Apart from participating in numerous races throughout Croatia and promoting sport, healthy lifestyle and a winning spirit, Bernays students of communication and tourism will, thanks to a partnership agreement with Run Croatia, be able to participate in the organization of numerous sports events of international, national or regional significance. In addition to further refining knowledge on event organization, Bernays students will promote volunteering and connect with other RUN FRIENDLY organizations, runners’ communities, cities in Croatia and the world, race sponsors, humanitarian organizations, sports institutions, local communities and other interested parties interested in developing own corporate culture through the culture of running.

“Our goal is to promote the beauty of Croatia through a positive running energy, to contribute to the launch of local economic processes at a year-long level and to positively affect the health of society as a whole. I am particularly pleased to be working with young people and organizations, such as Bernays and his students, because it sends a clear message – that we are ready to change in a positive direction.” said Berislav Sokač, founder of Run Croatia.

Satisfaction with the agreed cooperation was also expressed by Bernays Executive Director, Ivan Pakozdi: “Bernays students and the academy team had already had the opportunity to participate in the events organized by Run Croatia, where they were convinced of the quality of organized sporting events. This time Bernays collaboration with Run Croatia and Berislav Sokač’s team surpasses the sporty concept of ‘healthy mind in a healthy body’ since we will be able to gain a good experience of organization and coordination in some of the most popular sporting events in Croatia throughout the year by collaborating with Bernays students.”

Run Croatia, through the organization of numerous race events, works to improve and enrich the tourist product and offer of a particular destination, but also of Croatia as a whole. By enabling the development of events that encourage extension of the tourist season, increase of gastronomic and other tourist streams, especially in the period of the pre-season and in the continent, Run Croatia is ultimately creating a recognizable image of Croatian tourism.


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