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Mountain Madness Hvar 2018 – first OCR experience on the island


The first obstacle race on the Island of Hvar was successfully held on Saturday, 06 October as part of the Mountain Madness Croatia series.

Despite the looming clouds and previous stormy weather, there was a group of adventurous competitors ready to test their abilities on a hilly terrain above the city of Hvar. Along the panoramic 7km long route they had encounters with curious tourists,
who were positively surprised about such an event happening in the off season.IMG_3227

‘Running is an all year activity and it’s not only a sport, but it’s the way of life. Runners choose more and more destinations which
respond to their active needs and services which support their goals throughout the year. We’re very happy to have found such a partner in Sunčani Hvar Hotels, having an open-minded attitude towards introducing new kind of events in their offer and working together on extending the season.’ says Iva Hafner, one of the race event organizers.

The overall winner of the first island race edition of Mountain Madness Hvar is Aleksandar Balažinec (30:39)
from the local Trail and Trekking Club Strka. In women’s category Marzia Marti won the 1st place (39:16)
cheered upon by her colleagues from Sunčani Hvar Hotels.PSX_20181006_161956


The challenging course was set by the Croatian olympian cross skier Edi Dadić, the race director of Mountain Madness Croatia with its base in Ravna Gora. The World Champion in 100km, the long distance runner Nikolina Šustić attended the first island edition as well to show her support: ‘Hopefully the obstacle races will win in popularity over time!”.


The rain came finally as announced at the end of the event, but it didn’t spoil the joy of achievement among participants.

Few minutes earlier they were supporting each other through the obstacles, somewhere up in the wilderness of Hvar, and now almost surreally they enjoyed their lunch even more, looking forward to the quiz with valuable prizes (#runfriendly hotel weekend vauchers by LifeClassTerme Sveti Martin, Falkensteiner Hotel Park Punat, free Anti-Stress massage by Health Centar Zagreb and a Renault car hire over the weekend with the full tank by Autokuća Štarkelj) and to the winners’ ceremony in the fancy Hotel Riva.PSX_20181006_153644IMG_3311 IMG_3330 PSX_20181006_163621


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