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The first Run-friendly Employer in the World!


Run Croatia has officially opened another chapter in its portfolio for Run Friendly Employer. First such certification in Croatia and in the world has been awarded to Poslovna inteligencija!RFWorld_boje.indd


Run Croatia is an international project primarily focused on the promotion of Croatian tourism in the world through sports and a healthy lifestyle. The project brings together health clinics, educational institutions, hotels, banks and from now on employers too. Sven Veronek, and a successful brother and sister duo Berislav Sokač and Iva Hafner are people behind Run Croatia. In 2015 they translated their passion for promoting sport, healthy lifestyle and running culture into the Run Croatia brand.

Slika 3- Dodjela Run Friendly certifikata

As the first Run Friendly Employer in the World Poslovna Inteligencija has joined the selected group of running ambassadors, which shouldn’t come as a surprise since the company is known for living the culture of running and healthy lifestyle through their successful team performances at B2B races, Ironman Triathlon, and similar competitions. In addition, through their HR programs and policies, they actively promote the balance of private and business life for their employees, paying special attention to healthy foodsports activities and reducing stress at the workplace. Poslovna inteligencija also offer various benefits such as days off for the race, the possibility of preparing healthy meals at work and organized performances on racing competitions.

Slika 2- Trkački tim Poslovne inteligencije na B2B Run-u

‘We congratulate Poslovna inteligencija on obtaining the Run Friendly certificate, which emphasizes that their business strategy follows global trends. They have shown that they care about their employees’ health, encouraging them to practice active lifestyle, with an aspiration to attract new, young and active people who are ready to move beyond their own limitations, but also beyond the limits of Poslovna inteligencija as well.’ BERISLAV SOKAČ, FOUNDER OF RUN CROATIA










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